What will we do in Japan this summer?

We believe that God has called us to partner join Him in what He is doing in Japan.

God in His sovereignty has allowed The Gathering to partner with pastors, churches, missionaries, ministries in Japan over the last few years. Most of our mission work in Japan is connected to these partnerships. Here are some of what we will be doing in Japan while we are there.

1. Community Outreaches
Our community outreaches are known as “Hawaii Night.” We provide music, dance, arts and crafts, games, teach how to make spam musubi, food, fellowship, worship & we share the gospel. Churches we serve with will use these events to connect the unchurched with Jesus and their churches. This is also a great opportunity for us to encourage churches.

2. Lead Vacation Bible School at Kanto Plains Baptist Church
We have established a new partnership with Kanto Plains Baptist Church. Our mission team will provide teachers, music, recreation, volunteers and lots of love to the Kanto Plains area.

The church is expecting over 100 children from the community surrounding the church. What a great opportunity to share the gospel. Many attended last year’s VBS—several came to know Jesus as Lord and savior. Many families of children who attended last year’s VBS are still attending Kanto Plains Baptist Church today.

3. Teach Conversational English with Ark English School
Students at the English school range from children through adults. This is not a Christian school but is directed by Christians who allow us to share the gospel as we teach and build relationships with students. There are other Christians who work for the school and are active in their churches. They will do the follow up.

4. Homeless Ministry
International Mission Board missionary Mark Bennett has established one of the most effective homeless ministries. This ministry provides food to meet basic human needs. Bible teaching, sharing the gospel and discipleship are central to the ministry. Many have been saved, discipled and are being raised up as leaders. Many are gaining gospel-centered confidence to re-enter the job market and live back  We will minister to homeless, provide worship, and assist in any way possible. This ministry takes place from Yoyogi Park (across from where the 2020 Olympics will take place). 

5. Participate in worship services
We will participate in worship services at Grace Church, Praise Church & Okubo Baptist Church on the Sundays we are there. We will preach, lead music and share testimony.

6. Yamanote Line Prayer and prayer walk Tokyo
Yamanote train line circles around Tokyo. Before each train station, we will pray for the community we are approaching. We will also prayer walk throughout Tokyo.

7. Encourage missionaries, pastors, churches and Christians in Japan
Gospel work in Japan is very challenging. Part of our ministry is to encourage those who serve Jesus in Japan long term. Last year, we led a retreat for pastors, missionaries and their families. This year, we will not have a retreat. However, we will meet with pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders and encourage them in the gospel.
Please join in and pray for us as we prepare for this mission trip. Julie, Sadie and I will be joining a team of 16 people from our church--The Gathering. If you are interested in giving online: Go to www.thegatheringhawaii.org (church website) & click "Online Giving." Click "Give" button and sign up. This leads you to “My Donation” where you can contribute. Be sure to click on to the drop down menu & specify your giving to “Shiroma Family.”

Other scenes from previous mission trips